vUSD Privacy Focused Omnichain Stablecoin

The first privacy-focused stablecoin built on Oasis Sapphire EVM Decentralised, Confidential and Democratized

How VINE Works


Mint vUSD

Deposit ROSE as your collateral and effortlessly mint vUSD. More collateral assets will be supported by Vine in the future


Lock your VINE tokens into veVINE and vote to direct emissions and unlock additional incentive benefits.


Earn VINE token by minting vUSD, managing your loan, or contributing to the stability pool. Enhance your yields further by participating in the dLP or locking into veVINE.

Stablecoin vUSD
Revolution on Oasis Sapphire

vUSD, built on Oasis Sapphire EVM, is the first privacy-focused stablecoin, bridging the gap between privacy and stability in DeFi.

Set to revolutionize the $3 trillion stablecoin market, vUSD paves the way for a new secure, private, and expansive DeFi ecosystem with its innovative approach and omnichain functionality to maximise scalability.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vine Money?


Vine Money is a decentralized borrowing protocol that allows you to borrow against Oasis Network’s native token ROSE, which is used as collateral. Loans are taken out in vUSD - a $1 pegged private and confidential decentralized stablecoin.

How do I use Vine Money?


To use Vine Money and take out a vUSD loan, earn rewards, or vote on governance proposals, visit the Vine Money website, and select “Launch App” within the interface and connect a Web3 wallet.

How does Vine Money work?


Vine Money is a private and confidential decentralized borrowing protocol. Vine Money smart contracts define a standard way to deposit collateral, mint vUSD, and liquidate positions. A vault is where you take out and maintain your loans against your collateral (i.e. ROSE).

For a more in-depth description, see the Vine Money documentation available on Github and via the Vine Money website.

What are the key benefits of using Vine Money?


Vine Money offers a way to borrow vUSD privately, confidentiality and in a fully decentrazied capital-efficient borrowing manner.

- A collateral ratio of just 120%
- Directly redeemable - vUSD can be redeemed at face value for the underlying collateral, ROSE always and at any time
- Censorship resistant

Vine Money introduces the new era of stablecoins. vUSD is the first privacy-focused digital currency built on the innovative Oasis Sapphire confidential EVM. Merging the stability of traditional stablecoins with unparalleled transactional confidentiality, vUSD addresses the critical market need for privacy in DeFi.

How can I earn money on Vine Money?


There are a number of different ways to generate revenue using Vine Money:

1. Deposit vUSD into the Stability Pool and earn liquidation fees, a share of liquidated collateral and VINE rewards.
2. Stake VINE and earn the revenue from protocol generated fees.
3. Mint vUSD and maintain a debt position and meet dLP requirements to earn VINE rewards.
4. Provide Liquidity to the VINE/ROSE LP and meet dLP thresholds to earn VINE rewards.